How to Choose A Digital Planner?

Our planner shop contains various planners to choose from. We have a variety of different themes. Themes you can choose from are Tropical Theme, Blush Theme, Classic Theme, Moonlight Theme, MIneral Theme, Retro Theme, and many more. 

Another thing to look for when choosing a planner is which weekly style will be more convenient. We have 4 options: Boxed Weekly, Vertical Weekly, Horizontal Weekly, and Time-Block Weekly. 

Depending on how you like to plan your week, it will determine which one will work best. 

The boxed weekly includes a top 3 goals, to-do list, quote of the week, habit tracker, and a next week section. Also a clickable mini-calendar and daily pages.

The horizontal weekly also includes a clickable mini-calendar and daily pages. The day is partitioned into a blank section and lined section. Throw in your daily tasks/to-do into the lined section. There is also a blank section to write important reminders, a favorite daily quote, etc. 

The vertical weekly also includes a clickable mini-calendar and daily pages. This one is a customer favorite. You can separate your day into three categories. Use the categories however you want. For example, Personal, Work, Business. OR Morning, Afternoon, Evening. The sky is the limit with this weekly version. Have the most fun decorating your weeks! 

Another feature available currently only in our mid-year planners is how it includes a Monday and Sunday selection. So depending on how you plan your week, you are able to choose. 


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