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Our Reviews

Very happy with my digital planner! I was recommended to look into this electronic planner by one of my good friends that purchased her electronic planner and she loves it!! I love mine too!!


I can’t believe I waited so long to go digital. I am new to digital planning and this made it so simple and dummy proof. I love this planner. I accidentally deleted a page and the owner sent me direction on fixing the problem. This will be my yearly planner. Thanks.


LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Wish I had considered getting this sooner. This is the best one out there. Excellent customer service, replied right away to my questions and helped me out. They're so beautiful, customizable and so well planned out. For the technologically challenged it's so fluid and easy to use! Order, you won't regret it. 10/10 will buy again next year!


I don’t even want to look how many planners I bought and realized they didn’t have some critical functionality. This planner met all of my criteria but also far exceeded them. She’s thought of everything that you normally think would be so nice to have. If that weren’t enough, my questions were answered immediately which I think is important for a digital product. It was so impressive. Thank you!


I couldn’t ask for a more perfect digital planner. My days are more organised, and am able to locate important information easily. I can add extra pages if i need them. A very well thought out and designed product. Will definitely buy the 2021 version.


This is an amazing digital planner. It’s exactly what I was looking for. It’s easy to navigate and I love the weekly to daily pages included. Thank you! I highly recommend this planner if you are looking for one!!


Amazing basis for a digital planner! Very easy to use and looks really pretty. Easy to buy other stickers and incorporate them into the planner ☺️


This planner is perfect for those who are very visual, and love to color code everything, as I do. What I love most about this planner, however, are the infinite options for customization and the hyperlinking of literally everything, providing easy of movement around your planner. This planner is a perfect transition from paper agendas to a more digital format, as it still provides the handwriting element, which is so important and sorely lacking in a true "digital" planner. Finally, while the provided directions for setup are very comprehensive and easy to follow, the owner was still very responsive and helpful with the questions I had. I do believe I have found my lifelong planner.


I’ve tried a few different planners so far and this one is the best. It has everything I need.

2023 + 2024  Digital Planner
2023 + 2024  Digital Planner
2023 + 2024  Digital Planner
2023 + 2024  Digital Planner
2023 + 2024  Digital Planner
2023 + 2024  Digital Planner
2023 + 2024  Digital Planner
2023 + 2024  Digital Planner
2023 + 2024  Digital Planner
2023 + 2024  Digital Planner
2023 + 2024 Digital Planner
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Make the most out of your day with our digital planners! Our planners include a variety of templates to help organize those stressful days and stop procrastination. We created templates for lifestyle, health & fitness, wellness, productivity, and finances! Check the compatible apps below. Includes a Monday start and a Sunday start! 

- October 2021 - September 2022 + 2022 Digital Planners
- Sunday and Monday Start dates
- 90 Front Covers
- 4000+ PNG organized pre-cropped stickers
- Hyperlinked Yearly Overview Pages
- Hyperlinked Monthly Page with hyperlinked next month mini calendar
- Hyperlinked Month-at-a-glance with hyperlinked monthly templates
- Hyperlinked Weekly Page with hyperlinked mini monthly calendar
- Hyperlinked Daily Page with a clickable banner to return to Weekly Layout
- Hyperlinked Index page (click on ring)
- 12 hyperlinked notes section tab (click on top tabs 1-7 to reveal extra note 8-12 top tabs)
- 4 hyperlinked top tabs for Daily Routine, Meal Planner, Project Progress, To-do List, and Weekly Routine 
- 12 Monthly Review Page
- 12 Monthly Budget
- 12 Monthly Mood Tracker
- 12 Monthly One Line a Day Tracker
- 12 Monthly Sleep Tracker
- 12 Monthly Habit Tracker
- 12 Monthly Mind Map
- 12 Monthly Goals Page
- 12 Monthly Review Page
- Grocery List
- Meal Planner
- Recipe Planner
- Birthdays
- Dream Tracker
- Contact Page
- Password Log
- Yearly Tracker
- Bucket List
- Cleaning Checklist
- Trip Planner
- Outfit Planner
- Event Planner
- Step Tracker
- Period Log
- Running Log
- Fitness Plan
- Medication Log
- Body Measurement
- Daily Routine
- Weekly Routine
- Weekly Schedule
- Yearly Mood Tracker
- Weekly Gratitude
- Weekly Reflection
- Gratitude Journaling
- Healthy Habit
- Positive Thinking
- Wheel of Life
- Reading Log
- Bookshelf
- Book Review
- Reading Journal
- To Watch
- Movie Review
- To-Do List
- Project Planner
- Project Progress
- Decision List
- Priority Matrix
- Vision Board
- Focus Goal
- Time Log
- Meeting Minutes
- Study Tracker
- Pomodoro Tracker
- Brain Dump
- Bill Tracker
- Weekly Expenses
- Income Tracker
- Savings Tracker
- Expense Tracker
- Debt Tracker
- Online Shopping
- Subscription & Membership Tracker
- Holiday Gifting
- Wishlist
- 30 Day Challenge
- Lined Paper
- Dotted Paper
- Grid Paper
- Blank Paper  

(Templates can be duplicated, easily copy and paste, or deleted)

• 4 PDF with Monday & Sunday Start for Oct 21 - Sep 22 + 2022 Planners
1 Zip with 90 front covers
• 1 ZIP including 4000+ stickers
• 1 ZIP including Goodnotes Sticker Book
 Video Playlist on how to download and import digital planner into note-taking app, import front covers, import stickers, how to use digital planner, and more
App  Type Works On
Goodnotes (recommended)
paid IOS, macOS
Xodo free

IOS, Android, Windows, macOS

Noteshelf  paid IOS, Android, Windows


free IOS, macOs


free IOS


free IOS
ZoomNotes free IOS, macOS
Notability free
IOS, macOS
Squid free
Android, Windows
Will NOT work with (does not support hyperlinks):
- OneNote
- Evernote 

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This is a digital item. No physical product will be delivered.

Given the digital nature of our products, we are unable to offer any refunds, exchange, or returns.

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“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” 

― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, writer and pioneering aviator