What is Digital Planning?

Digital Planning is a simple way to plan your days digitally. A tablet is a wonderful way to plan due to its easy customization and simplicity. Paper planning is great but often times it can lead to clutter and a mess. It's more convenient to have your planner all in one place easy to access. The best part of it being digital is being able to sync it across your devices. Apps that allow this are Goodnotes, Notability,  Xodo, and plenty of others. 

With digital planning, you are able to insert pictures, text, and customize your planner any way you want. How amazing is that! Our planners include over 900+ stickers matching your theme. Not only is your planner fully linkable, but it also comes with over 20+ functional templates to make your planning easier and easy to rely on. A favorite feature is the integrated monthly templates which include a goal action plan, monthly mind map, monthly budget, monthly sleep tracker, monthly habit tracker, & monthly review page. The review page in my opinion is the best part. Each month you write down if you were able to make accomplish your monthly goals. What worked and what didn't? How can you improve? What did you learn? What habits and goals will you like to adapt next month? What projects are in the works?

Having a digital planner that includes a monthly, weekly, daily, over 20+ templates, and a vast amount of sticker selection is not only super convenient but super functional. Our planner includes over 600+ pages, in a physical planner version not only would this weigh a ton but it will be very inconvenient to carry around everywhere. With a digital planner, you only need your tablet, phone, or computer. 

If you have any questions about digital planning or any of our products, leave a comment down below for a quick response or email us at digitalplannerstart@info.com

“Plan your work and work your plan.”
- Napoleon Hill 

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